GLOWing reivews

You would never know these are packed with superfoods!
So amazing. Every flavor is my new favorite, they are all so creamy and bursting with flavor. It feels like such an indulgence with secret superfood powers! These are such high quality delicious treats.  
— Alina T

A perfect union of (dairy free creaminess) and spice from chai in a popsicle.
There was no dripping on this popsicle because I ate it so quickly!  
— Olivia V

The fact that this has mushroom superfoods is flooring –the Hazelnut Chip is FANTASTIC!! The mini chocolate chunks are such a delight and surprise – highly highly recommend!
—Amanda G

I tried the Vanilla Chai Popsicle, and it is literally the best vegan ice cream I have ever had in my life. The chai is perfect--so balanced and comforting. It feels like I'm eating a frozen, creamy chai latte. More please!

Hazelnut ice cream bar is the best ice cream I've had for a long time!
Tastes so clean and energizing. There are so many superfoods in it that are beyond my imagination! Many kinds of mushrooms, my favorite hazelnut, the aftertaste is very clean which you don't see it from other products. A highly recommended vegan and any delish-food pursuit!
—Huan X

The vanilla chai is super creamy and delicious!
Spiced just right and a perfect blend of the superfoods I need to keep me on my health journey!
—Danielle T

Talk about guilt-free indulgence!
Glow superfood lit me all the way up! It's amazing how creamy and tasty plant-based ice creams can be. I LOVE the chocolate peanut butter cup pop! The peanut butter compliments the chocolate perfectly. Well done, chef Mary!
—Carla T

The chocolate chip peanut butter cup ice cream bar is so delicious!
The vegan ice cream is so incredibly creamy, the peanut butter flavor is rich and decadent, and the chocolate chips provide the perfect bit of crunch. I'm so happy to find a super high-quality plant-based dessert option in Chicago!
—Rachel K

Never in a million years would I think this was filled with mushrooms.
It's a smooth consistency and so flavorful. I had the chocolate chip peanut butter ice cream bar and enjoyed thoroughly!
—Nikkita R

YUM! Got to indulge without the guilt!
Chocolate chip peanut butter cup bar is my new go to when I need my chocolate peanut butter fix!
—Susan K

Even better than traditional ice cream
When i first tasted this, it blew my taste buds. The light lemon is a perfect compliment to the creamy base. I seriously cannot believe this is vegan, but my slightly lactose intolerant digest system is VERY happy that it is!
—Olivia vonNieda