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meet mary

Mary Tobias is a Chicago chef and holistic health coach. She received her degree in culinary arts from Kendall College and has worked for an array of Chicago restaurants including Top Chef Stephanie Izard’s Girl & the Goat, Grant Achatz’s Michelin-starred Roister and for Matthew Kenney Cuisine at vegan hotspot Althea. Inspired by all aspects of the culinary industry, Tobias enrolled in a nutrition program focusing on integrative and holistic health to further diversify her experience with food and health. As a lifelong ice cream lover on a personal health journey, she was inspired to begin her own entrepreneurial business and create a functional dessert that was not only delicious, but good for you and mindful, yet indulgent. Her unique and delicious plant-based ice cream became GLOW Superfood and her passion project turned business venture has changed the way people think about dessert, health, indulgence, incorporating superfoods into one's lifestyle and the beauty of plant-based eating. In March 2023, her passion to offer Chicagoans plant-based options, as well as creating community spaces to enjoy good food, led her to a new business venture, Lincoln Cafe & Market. Lincoln Cafe & Market doubles as Glow's HQ and a gorgeous retail market that highlights many of Chicago’s local food entrepreneurs. 
When Tobias is not concocting her next dessert masterpiece she enjoys yoga, cycling, live music, spending time with her family and truly connecting with others. You can also find her volunteering with the Chicago Help Initiative, a food pantry and resource for the unhoused community. She is a Good Food Accelerator Alumni and a member of the Naturally Chicago group in Chicago. 



GLOW mission

Nourish with nature. Our mission is to craft plant-based frozen dessert pops that inspire wellness and vitality, harnessing the power of nourishing plants and medicinal mushrooms for holistic health benefits.





GLOW vision

GLOW wants to make you feel good.

GLOW's plant-based frozen dessert pops promote health, wellness, and offer inspiration for individuals to live well. As a brand committed to empowering people on their journey to a healthier life, GlowPops, made with nourishing ingredients including young Thai coconut and mushrooms, such as Lion's Mane & Reishi, embody this commitment to quality and to you feeling your best. With benefits ranging from cognition support to immunity boosting and inflammation reduction, the unique combination of ingredients offer a holistic approach to wellness. You can enjoy a dessert that’s made from the fruits of the earth, packed with flavor and powerful nutrients that also make you feel good, age slowly, and live vibrantly.