about GLOW

Mary Tobias is a Chicago chef and holistic health coach. Mary received her degree in culinary arts from Kendall College. She has worked for an array of restaurants in Chicago including Top Chef Stephanie Izard’s bustling Girl & the Goat, Grant Achatz’s Michelin-starred Roister restaurant, and for Matthew Kenney Cuisine at vegan hotspot Althea. Inspired by all aspects of the culinary industry, Mary enrolled in a nutrition program focusing on integrative and holistic health to further diversify her experience with food and health. As a lifelong ice cream lover on a personal health journey, she was inspired to create a functional dessert that was not only delicious, but good for you and even furthermore, guilt free. GLOW Superfood was a passion project turned business venture  that will change the way people think about dessert, health, indulgence, incorporating superfoods into your lifestyle, and the beauty of plant-based eating. 


GLOW mission

GLOW Superfood is a plant-based superfood frozen dessert that nourishes the body and the brain. Our goal is to provide guilt-free indulgence with a creamy, flavorful, nutrient-packed, dairy-free, vegan frozen dessert that is actually good for your brain, body, and soul.


GLOW vision

GLOW wants to make you feel good. GLOW created this product for people of all ages and in all stages of their life to start making the right choice when it comes to eating. We hope all people with challenges in their diet, nutrition, and overall health, both mental and physical, will realize that healthy food can be delicious too. Our frozen desserts are delicious and actually good for your gut, brain, body, and soul. Instead of filling our bodies with processed foods and refined sugars, which ultimately make us sick, we can collectively become healthier by indulging in glow superfood frozen desserts. You can enjoy a dessert that’s made from the fruits of the earth, packed with flavor and powerful nutrients that also make you feel good, age slowly, and live vibrantly. Our goal is to make you feel good.